CAFESnCOFFEEofBMORE is a student run page that reviews cafes and coffee shops found in Baltimore, Maryland. The main aspect of CAFESnCOFFEEofBMORE is our Instagram which features an array of photos taken at a variety of cafes and coffee shops found in the one and only Charm City. Our goal is to explore the cafes and coffee shops with the most charm, and act as a resource for fellow coffee & cafe (& aesthetic) lovers to hear about the best places to visit.

While our Insta is obviously for photographic purposes, here we offer a review of all the cafes and coffee shops. They are ranked by a few categories: overall experience, coffee quality, food quality (if applicable), aesthetic (for the Insta), comfort (size), location, and accessibility (parking, etc.).The cafes/coffee shops will be ranked on a scale of 1-5. 5 being amazing and 1 suggesting this aspect was just not our cup of tea.